About Us

Welcome to Pure Derma where science meets skin care.
Pure Derma was formed by myself after years of using various beauty skin care products, tools and devices and getting more frustrated by the variable results of  my impulse buys. I decided it was time to launch my own range of skin care products that have been tried and tested by me and my team. 
With a strong scientific background, our team have a passion for revolutionising your skin care routine with our range of skin care products, tools and devices. Our carefully curated selection of beauty products reflect our commitment to quality, innovation and self expression.
We believe in harnessing the power of  science, technology and research to unlock the secrets of youthful, radiant and healthy skin.
Our mission is to provide you with innovative skin care products, tools and devices that can help you achieve your best skin yet.
We are a privately owned UK company, with a small, very conscientious team, based in the UK and paying UK taxes.
Please explore our range of results driven skin care tools and embark on a transformative skin care journey with us.
We believe in great customer service and are here for you 24/7 with any feedback, concerns or even if you just fancy a chat about all things skin care.
Feel free to contact me personally at kerry@purederma.co.uk
Drop us a message in the contact box below.
We look forward to hearing from you!


If you are interested in the Pure Derma London Brand Ambassador affiliate programme, stocking our products in your salon, store or site then please check out our FAQs or get in touch with Kerry at kerry@purederma.co.uk